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Nicias electric truck front view

A one-of-a-kind technology research, development and testing programme.


Nicias is not about marginal improvements on the status quo. We want to take technological leaps through stress-testing existing and new technologies in what is considered the toughest race in the world, The Dakar Rally.

Dakar Project 2030 - What's Next?
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Nicias electric truck rear view

Extreme testing for extreme applications.

What has proven reliable, powerful and efficient in the tough terrain of The Dakar Rally has a high chance of meeting the demands of a wide range of industrial applications that still run on fossil fuels today.


Learnings from the desert will inspire and accelerate ongoing product development & research programs, such as next-level battery development, electrification of heavy duty vehicles and hydrogen initiatives.

Mechanic in blue uniform

Data-driven and expert led.

Advanced sensors will measure the performance of every part of the truck, creating vast data sets that will be used in sophisticated machine learning software and analysed by experts.

The project’s corporate and academic backers will apply the results to accelerate their ongoing research and development programmes in an extensive range of fields.

Project 2030 Rally Dakar uniform

Balancing speed and safety.

While emission-free alternatives to traditional internal combustion engines are available today, the application of this tech in extreme and unpredictable environments has never been tested.

To ensure Nicias meets The Dakar Rally's safety standards and regulations, Project 2030’s Nicias truck will gradually mature over the next few years as more testing data, learnings and technologies become available.

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The roadmap for Nicias

As Nicias is a testing vehicle, the truck will be modified each year as the latest technology emerges from the fields of mechanical, electric, electronic and chemical engineering.

The version of Nicias that will reach the finish line of The Dakar Rally in 2030 will be unlike anything we can predict today.



In 2022, we test the new vehicle platform that will form the foundation for research and testing the coming years. A new chassis has been created that is robust and strong enough to take on any extra weight and new technologies we will add in the future. Nicias is equipped with countless sensors to measure every aspect of the vehicle's performance and response.

Dakar Rally Nicias team

A visual journey that takes puts you in the drivers seat of the Nicias truck.

Dakar 2022

Project2030 Nicias Video Diary SHAKEDOWN
Project2030 Nicias Video Diary PROLOGUE
Project2030 Nicias Video Diary #1
Project2030 Nicias Video Diary #2
Project2030 Nicias Video Diary #3
Project2030 Nicias Video Diary #4
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