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Where clean energy, mobility and innovation converge.



When we push the boundaries of what is possible, growth and innovation happen.

To reach the world's climate goals, we need to go faster and reach beyond the limits of our established norms.


That is what Project 2030 is about.

Our ambition is to explore unchartered territories, taking on the biggest of all challenges in the transition to a clean energy future.


Project 2030 is an ambitious clean energy initiative at the intersection of three connected ventures that deliver holistic real-world solutions, explore the improbable, and focus on cleantech innovation.

Clean energy triangle graphic
Nicias electric truck


Proving clean mobile energy concepts.

Nicias will evolve into a pioneering zero emissions competition vehicle in The Dakar Rally.


The team behind Nicias brings together years of Dakar experience with unique skills developed from competing in the rally in all vehicle disciplines. But the team's ambitions go far beyond winning the race.


Nicias is first and foremost a research platform to inspire the next generation of mainstream mobility applications through stress-testing an extensive range of technologies under extreme conditions.

The Green Box Hengelo


Europe’s cleantech campus.

Innovation needs space. The Green Box has plenty of it!

We are creating Europe's leading cleantech campus close to the Dutch-German border with the goal of giving a home to people, businesses and organizations that are engaged in the rapid transition to a clean energy future.

The Green Box
Koolen Industries
Koolen Industries welcome sign


Turn-key clean energy solutions.

With the goal of driving the rapid transition to a clean energy future, Koolen Industries invests in clean energy technologies, enables its group companies and delivers reliable, turn-key solutions.

With the teams and technologies of more than 25 companies, the group develops, integrates and optimises cutting-edge technological solutions for corporate, public, and private customers. From clean energy generation to smart application, and everything in between.



Project 2030 creator and clean energy entrepreneur Kees Koolen.

Project 2030 is the brainchild of Kees Koolen, one of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs and the only person to have competed in The Dakar Rally with a motorcycle, a quad bike, a car, a lightweight vehicle and a truck.

Kees is committed to a faster, more efficient energy transition, dedicating his time, effort and millions of euros to achieve this goal.

Project 2030 brings speed to the energy transition with a focus on the most difficult technical challenges. We build, combine, research, develop and test clean technologies to create new emission-free and affordable energy & mobility systems.

Kees Koolen in Dakar Rally uniform
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